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How does a florist shop work?

A florist is a professional who is skilled in arranging and decorating with flowers in an artistic and in a creative way. This skill is specifically used to do the flower decor for events and gatherings. A florist is a person who comes up with designs according to the client’s requirements and implements the design in the particular events.

Most of you might have seen or heard how a florist would execute his duties. But most of the florists have their own flower shop. These flower shops function in a very different way.  These are shops that see flowers for common purposes like placing it is the house or for giving it to a loved one.

Flower cycle

The functioning

There are basically two sections in a florist shop. The part where the sales happen and the other part where the flowers are stored. The florist shop stock up the flowers for two different purposes. The first one is to sell the normal customers. The second one is to use them for great decorative purposes.


This is one thing where the normal customers are being fooled on a regular basis. The florist says that the flowers are fresh. But the almost every florist shop stock the flowers on a weekly basis. Every Monday the stocking is carried out.

The preservation

Whatever might be the number of flowers that are stocked, some preservatives are used to keep them fresh for a long time. They are also stored in cold temperatures to keep them fresh. The stocking process differs from week to week according to the needs of the customers.

The other items

A flower shop is a place where not just flowers are sold. They also sell items like baskets, greeting cards and so on. This is just one of their strategies to sell things as much as possible. For a person who is buying flowers for a special occasion rather than giving it with paper rolled around it is better to give it a basket which makes it more presentable.


The attracting features

The florists and their shops have the ability to attract people within no time. They make sure that their works are displayed so that people could witness it. It is the main thing that would attract people. The second thing is the fragrance. Who wouldn’t love the fragrance of a flower? Everyone would definitely fall for that. This actually makes people buy flowers even if there no necessity.

The bouquet

There two things that have the biggest sales in these shops. One is just buying a bunch of flowers to place it in your house. The nest is the bouquet. The bouquet actually has more sales because of two reasons. The first one very obvious, it is very appealing. The second one is that it can be customized according to our wish.

Ways to become a florist

If you are a person who loves flowers and would love to experiment with them, the florist is one profession that would definitely suit you. A florist is a person who has the skill and the ability to design and arrange flowers in an artistic way that would attract people.

The explanation might sound a bit simple. Any job that involves creativity is not as simple as it sounds. A florist is the kind of job that takes a lot both physically and mentally. Here are something that you need to do to become a good florist.

More flowers

Get to know more about flowers and plants

This is one of the major things that anyone needs do to become a florist. You should have better knowledge about these two than a normal person. This actually helps a lot in the sales part and also in the selection process of the flower. It is important because the knowledge gives you the confidence to communicate with the clients in a better way.

Keep yourself update

To be a good florist, it is necessary to keep yourself updated regularly. Challenge yourself and come up innovative and artistic designs. Repetition of the designs is the sign of being stagnant. When it comes being a florist it not the years of experience you have that speaks. It is the ability of your design to stand out from the rest and attract the crowd that speaks.

Be flexible at your work

Always be ready to take up the work. It doesn’t matter how many hours it takes. Be prepared to work. Every opportunity is a platform to prove yourself. Capitalize on the chances and put all your effort. Never have a second thought on going that extra mile to attain perfection.

Go with the trend

It is also important to notice what exactly happening in the field. There might be some trends that are very popular. It is always better to play safe when it comes to this. This also reduces a lot of effort. It is not necessary to sit separately and come up with specific designs. Going by the trend reduces the work and also makes your work a lot easier.

Understand the client’s requirements

This is that one place where most of the people go wrong. They try to sell what they have. The discussion with any client should be more of a session that gives the understanding of the client’s needs. Understand what they need and carter according to their needs.

Learn to multi-task

The florist is one of those professions that needs a lot of multi-tasking. The work is not just about designing and decorating. A florist needs to decide on the design with the clients, make a list of materials that need to be bought taking into account the resources that are already available. It is necessary to make sure everything that is required is stocked up properly at least one day before.

What is the job of a florist?

A florist or a floral designer is a person who is capable of arranging the flowers in an appealing manner. These florists have some good knowledge of floral designs, the color combinations and a lot of other things related to flowers. The major responsibility of a florist is to come with new designs which capture the attention of people.
The, not just designs, they also give suggestions to their clients. It is because most of the clients who approach them only have limited information about flowers and the designs. Here are some of the roles and responsibilities of a florist.


Coming up with innovative designs

Coming up with innovative designs is one of the major roles of a florist. Like most other creative profession florist is also a creative job. It is mandatory for a florist to come up with some new designs regularly. Innovation is a very important aspect when it comes to being a florist. Also, take it into account that not all new designs are good designs. The design should be new at the same time eye-catching.

Design according to the occasion

One might be a great florist and also is capable of innovating new designs. But if the florist is not able to design according to the occasion, everything is waste. What is the use of coming up with designs that is totally opposite to the occasion? For example, you cannot go with vibrant colors for a funeral and some dull colors for a wedding. Both are very different things, and both need different types of floral decor.

Design according to the venue

You innovate all you want and can come up with all sorts of new designs. But these designs should suit the venue. This is without second thought one of the important hurdles that the florist should cross. They should able to decorate the entire venue including the lobby,  halls, stage, and all the other areas.

Understanding the client’s requirements

When it comes to meeting the clients, every florist should understand the fact that the client knows very little about flowers. There are also possibilities that some might know nothing about the flowers. Most of the time, there are only two things that the clients have a clear picture. The first one is the color and the second one is the cost. With the information that the client provides the florist should be able to zero down to the perfect thing that would also satisfy the client.

Take care of the stocks.

The florist must ensure that the flowers that are required for the decorations are properly stocked up. Without adequate flowers, it is totally impossible to decorate as planned. Hence important to make sure that the flowers are properly stocked up. It is not just the flowers that need to be stocked up. There are also various other things beautiful leaves, papers and a lot of other things. The important thing about design in floral decor is that the entire thing is messed up even if a very small flaw.

The skill set of florist

Flower decorations play a significant role in most of the events. The decor may vary according to the mood of the event. The flower decor definitely elevates the mood of the gathering. People also have started giving more importance to these things. They hire people who have specific skills in these areas. The person who has the ability to decorate with flowers is called a florist. The florist comes up with the design according to the client’s requirements. There are these specific skills that a florist should have.

Whenever a company or an individual is hiring a florist, they are on the lookout for some basic skills. Many might have thought that creativity and some knowledge about flowers are all it takes to become a florist. But the truth is, it takes a lot more than that. Here are some basic skills that a florist should possess.

Flower house

Artistic thinking and color sense

The main skill set that anyone would expect from an artist is the creativity. The ability to make the perfect designs and also to come with the new ones. The flower decor is a creative process, to have an artistic approach to it is mandatory. Flowers and colors go hand in hand. It is very much important to choose the perfect colors for the event\

Good communication skills

Some might have thought what does communication has to do with it? The answer to your question is communication plays a very important role in being a florist. It is because you need to communicate with your clients on a regular basis. Most of the clients really have no idea about flowers or floral design. It is the duty of the florist to make the clients the understand what would be the perfect choice for that event.

Maintaining confidentiality

At this point in time when data security is one of the biggest problems that the world is facing, keeping the client’s information confidential is very important. Even the basic information like email address and phone number should be kept with high confidentiality. Leaking these simple information can pose a great threat to one’s privacy.


A florist definitely needs to multi-task. A florist is not just about designing and innovation. Floral decoration is a process that a lot of things to it. First, you need to zero down on the design, after meeting the clients. The materials required should be purchased. The florist should be able to calculate the number of flowers that will be required for the event and make sure that the all the required materials like flowers, leaves, papers and various other items are stocked up properly before the event. So multitasking is very much needed skill for a florist.

Reuse certain materials

The is one of the key skills that would benefit be a benefit in a lot of ways. The evident one is lowering the expenditure for future events or gatherings. The should be able to reuse the already existing material as much as possible. Buying a new one should always be the second option.