How does a florist shop work?

Flower shop

How does a florist shop work?

A florist is a professional who is skilled in arranging and decorating with flowers in an artistic and in a creative way. This skill is specifically used to do the flower decor for events and gatherings. A florist is a person who comes up with designs according to the client’s requirements and implements the design in the particular events.

Most of you might have seen or heard how a florist would execute his duties. But most of the florists have their own flower shop. These flower shops function in a very different way.  These are shops that see flowers for common purposes like placing it is the house or for giving it to a loved one.

Flower cycle

The functioning

There are basically two sections in a florist shop. The part where the sales happen and the other part where the flowers are stored. The florist shop stock up the flowers for two different purposes. The first one is to sell the normal customers. The second one is to use them for great decorative purposes.


This is one thing where the normal customers are being fooled on a regular basis. The florist says that the flowers are fresh. But the almost every florist shop stock the flowers on a weekly basis. Every Monday the stocking is carried out.

The preservation

Whatever might be the number of flowers that are stocked, some preservatives are used to keep them fresh for a long time. They are also stored in cold temperatures to keep them fresh. The stocking process differs from week to week according to the needs of the customers.

The other items

A flower shop is a place where not just flowers are sold. They also sell items like baskets, greeting cards and so on. This is just one of their strategies to sell things as much as possible. For a person who is buying flowers for a special occasion rather than giving it with paper rolled around it is better to give it a basket which makes it more presentable.


The attracting features

The florists and their shops have the ability to attract people within no time. They make sure that their works are displayed so that people could witness it. It is the main thing that would attract people. The second thing is the fragrance. Who wouldn’t love the fragrance of a flower? Everyone would definitely fall for that. This actually makes people buy flowers even if there no necessity.

The bouquet

There two things that have the biggest sales in these shops. One is just buying a bunch of flowers to place it in your house. The nest is the bouquet. The bouquet actually has more sales because of two reasons. The first one very obvious, it is very appealing. The second one is that it can be customized according to our wish.

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