The skill set of florist

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The skill set of florist

Flower decorations play a significant role in most of the events. The decor may vary according to the mood of the event. The flower decor definitely elevates the mood of the gathering. People also have started giving more importance to these things. They hire people who have specific skills in these areas. The person who has the ability to decorate with flowers is called a florist. The florist comes up with the design according to the client’s requirements. There are these specific skills that a florist should have.

Whenever a company or an individual is hiring a florist, they are on the lookout for some basic skills. Many might have thought that creativity and some knowledge about flowers are all it takes to become a florist. But the truth is, it takes a lot more than that. Here are some basic skills that a florist should possess.

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Artistic thinking and color sense

The main skill set that anyone would expect from an artist is the creativity. The ability to make the perfect designs and also to come with the new ones. The flower decor is a creative process, to have an artistic approach to it is mandatory. Flowers and colors go hand in hand. It is very much important to choose the perfect colors for the event\

Good communication skills

Some might have thought what does communication has to do with it? The answer to your question is communication plays a very important role in being a florist. It is because you need to communicate with your clients on a regular basis. Most of the clients really have no idea about flowers or floral design. It is the duty of the florist to make the clients the understand what would be the perfect choice for that event.

Maintaining confidentiality

At this point in time when data security is one of the biggest problems that the world is facing, keeping the client’s information confidential is very important. Even the basic information like email address and phone number should be kept with high confidentiality. Leaking these simple information can pose a great threat to one’s privacy.


A florist definitely needs to multi-task. A florist is not just about designing and innovation. Floral decoration is a process that a lot of things to it. First, you need to zero down on the design, after meeting the clients. The materials required should be purchased. The florist should be able to calculate the number of flowers that will be required for the event and make sure that the all the required materials like flowers, leaves, papers and various other items are stocked up properly before the event. So multitasking is very much needed skill for a florist.

Reuse certain materials

The is one of the key skills that would benefit be a benefit in a lot of ways. The evident one is lowering the expenditure for future events or gatherings. The should be able to reuse the already existing material as much as possible. Buying a new one should always be the second option.

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