What is the job of a florist?


What is the job of a florist?

A florist or a floral designer is a person who is capable of arranging the flowers in an appealing manner. These florists have some good knowledge of floral designs, the color combinations and a lot of other things related to flowers. The major responsibility of a florist is to come with new designs which capture the attention of people.
The, not just designs, they also give suggestions to their clients. It is because most of the clients who approach them only have limited information about flowers and the designs. Here are some of the roles and responsibilities of a florist.


Coming up with innovative designs

Coming up with innovative designs is one of the major roles of a florist. Like most other creative profession florist is also a creative job. It is mandatory for a florist to come up with some new designs regularly. Innovation is a very important aspect when it comes to being a florist. Also, take it into account that not all new designs are good designs. The design should be new at the same time eye-catching.

Design according to the occasion

One might be a great florist and also is capable of innovating new designs. But if the florist is not able to design according to the occasion, everything is waste. What is the use of coming up with designs that is totally opposite to the occasion? For example, you cannot go with vibrant colors for a funeral and some dull colors for a wedding. Both are very different things, and both need different types of floral decor.

Design according to the venue

You innovate all you want and can come up with all sorts of new designs. But these designs should suit the venue. This is without second thought one of the important hurdles that the florist should cross. They should able to decorate the entire venue including the lobby,  halls, stage, and all the other areas.

Understanding the client’s requirements

When it comes to meeting the clients, every florist should understand the fact that the client knows very little about flowers. There are also possibilities that some might know nothing about the flowers. Most of the time, there are only two things that the clients have a clear picture. The first one is the color and the second one is the cost. With the information that the client provides the florist should be able to zero down to the perfect thing that would also satisfy the client.

Take care of the stocks.

The florist must ensure that the flowers that are required for the decorations are properly stocked up. Without adequate flowers, it is totally impossible to decorate as planned. Hence important to make sure that the flowers are properly stocked up. It is not just the flowers that need to be stocked up. There are also various other things beautiful leaves, papers and a lot of other things. The important thing about design in floral decor is that the entire thing is messed up even if a very small flaw.

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